What is tenefit.cloud?

tenefit.cloud is an iPaaS that seamlessly extends Apache Kafka data streams over the web to mobile and desktop users


Apache Kafka makes an event-driven architecture a reality inside the data center – it is rapidly supplanting traditional databases as the common source of truth about data for decoupled microservices. As a distributed streaming platform, it naturally lends itself to be an effective backend for high-performance, real-time frontend applications. tenefit.cloud enables it to act as such by extending its streaming capabilities to the web.

Setting up tenefit.cloud is very easy. You configure it to connect to your Kafka broker, and nominate which topics you'd like to stream. Clients then connect to tenefit.cloud and receive streaming data.


Different clients can receive different data, based on what streams they subscribe to. You can also configure filtering to find or restrict messages that clients should receive.

Server Sent Events (SSE)

tenefit.cloud has no proprietary client SDK or API; it is based purely on open standards.

For client connectivity, tenefit.cloud uses Server-Sent Events (SSE), part of the HTML standard. Many environments have native support for SSE, so clients can connect to tenefit.cloud without doing anything.

Because Server-Sent Events is an open standard, for those environments that have not yet added native support for SSE, there are open source libraries or polyfills available which provide that functionality transparently.

A nice aspect of SSE is that if your connection is lost, it will automatically reconnect and continue from where it was. So if you drive through a tunnel and lose connectivity, when you come out of the tunnel, your application will automatically resume.

Developing a client application for tenefit.cloud is about as easy as it gets because the SSE API is extremely simple.

Getting started

Now that you know a little about tenefit.cloud, continue with the Getting Started guide.