Secure data streaming over the web at massive scale

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Build Real-time, Really Fast

Stream data to browsers, mobile apps and IoT devices quickly, securely and at unprecedented scale. tenefit.cloud works with what you have, allowing you to launch real-time digital products and features at record pace. Whether your backend is a REST API or Kafka messaging system, tenefit.cloud will stream data out of it to your client of choice relying solely on web standards (no client libraries needed)

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A Real-time iPaaS

Focus on awesome features and not on deploying, managing and scaling server infrastructure. tenefit.cloud runs as a global infrastructure network capable of hyper-low latent data streaming to anywhere in the world

tenefit.cloud is not just cloud-hosted software - its a true cloud-native solution. Based on the Reaktivity Project, it’s optimized for cloud hardware, resulting in unrivaled performance at unprecedented cost

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Built for the Cloud

To provide a streaming solution that would be unrivaled in terms of performance and extensibility, Tenefit contributed to a now approach to networking through the Reaktivity Project. Reaktivity decouples the Protocol Stack allowing each layer to be executed in parallel on separate CPU cores. Layers communicate over shared memory resulting in a modular framework that maximizes throughput with predictable low latency